The Eyes of Certainty

Finding opportunities in the real world


Shikhar Singh

In a country obsessed with producing engineers and doctors, mine hasn’t been a different story. Cracking JEE wasn’t really tough because I was passionate to learn science. I managed it in spite of being what some people would call insincere, studying for an average of 2-3 hours a day on an average in 11th-12th standard, read very few books like Resnick-Halliday though I loved solving question papers and reviewing my mistakes which helped a lot.

Then came Civil Engineering from IIT Delhi. The college was definitely worth the effort. The students, the atmosphere and facilities in the campus are excellent. I can go on about the amazing hostel life there but I’ll rather talk about the academic prospects.

I completed my major with pretty decent scores in civil engineering courses but wasn’t so far really excited by them. Also the jobs in private sector in this area pay less straight out of college than jobs in consulting or programming (the IIT tag helps a lot if you want jobs in the latter two). Though, when it comes to jobs in public sector, a civil engineering degree provides you with lots of good options. So, in my opinion, opting for it at any of the old IITs over a more popular branch at a new one is never a bad decision unless you are passionate about that particular branch (which honestly very few of us are at the time of the decision). Even if you don’t get into an IIT and are focused, you will probably get a better job than an average IITian. It’s always a tough decision to choose a college, branch or job, try and figure out what you like (or do not like) and keep money as your last priority.

Shikhar Singh

B.Tech, Civil engineering, IIT Delhi

Currently working as a consultant

Delhi NCR

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