The Search for Paradise

Earning respect with a lot of hard work and dedication

Ayushma Puri

A Doctor in India is considered to be equivalent to God. India however has a low doctor to patient ratio i.e. 1 doctor for every 1700 people in a population like ours. This indicates that the healthcare system in India doesn’t seem to be doing well. In an enormously populated country like ours, where millions of people fight life and death every day, where almost 2/3rd of the population is deprived of proper health care facilities, the burden of diseases prevailing highly, the above statement seems to be true. It is indeed a noble job to help someone in need and moreover to save someone from fatal situations or death.
Keeping all the above points in mind, the ones aspiring to join a noble profession like this deserves nothing less than respect, especially in a country where doctors are visualized with high esteem and respect. But with all the respect comes a great amount of responsibility in terms of hard work and dedication that this field requires.
MBBS is known to be the longest and the toughest course amongst all other streams of medicine. It consists of 9 semesters and 1 year of internship making it to 5 and half years. The curriculum includes a total of 19 subjects including clinical postings, tests, exams, seminars, presentations etc. A PG entrance exam should also be cleared if someone wants to go for specialization into the field.
Before joining a medical college, the student looks enthusiastic; unaware of the hardships of the course, but the worst is always a surprise. Prepare yourself for immense hard work, sleepless nights because only perseverance and patience can take you through.
I had opted both mathematics and biology as my subjects in grade 12. Without any coaching, I was up for my exams, I was able to perform well in my boards but I couldn’t really do well in the competitive exam. But, having big dream in my mind, I decided to drop for a year to prepare for my medical entrance examinations. It was tough in the beginning as I joined a coaching institute this time, in order to get proper guidance. They conducted regular tests and gave assignments which helped me a lot to be regular and well versed about the topics being taught. The number of study hours varied. Six hours of classes followed by revision at my home and also solving MCOs included the daily routine which turned out to be more than enough if done on a regular basis.
I followed the above schedule regularly and fortunately cracked the medical entrance exam and secured a seat in one of the Govt. Medical College in my state.
MBBS is a course where you get to do quite different and interesting things unlike most other courses. The curriculum is a lot different from that of the 10+2 syllabus, but with time and experience, it gets better.
PS: Lift may fail sometimes, but whatever may be the occasion, hard work will always bring you to the top.

Ayushma Puri

Pursuing M.B.B.S.Govt. Medical College

Srinagar, Garhwal (UK)


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