Be Careful What You Wish For

An advice from an Electronics Engineer to an aspiring Electronics Engineer


Suhani Singh

Don’t get carried away by the title. I am not talking about Jeffery Archer’s book here. Consider the literal meaning of the title. Especially when it comes to deciding what majors you should opt for. Mechanical, Electronics, Computer Science? If you will search a bit harder, you can get Nanotechnology, Cloud Computing and such other branches for your majors too. As simple as it may seem, this decision plays a major role in your life.

Coming to the point, you are reading this article if you are thinking of choosing Electronics Engineering as your major. Before bombarding you with the glimpses of your future if you choose this branch, you should know who I am. My name is Suhani Singh and I have done my B. Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from a private college. Considering the fact that I was a rank holder in my batch, I think I can tell you something if not everything that comes with this branch.

First of all, ask this question to yourself- Am I comfortable with Mathematics? If your answer is no, stop right here and move on to preferably Computer Science or IT branch. Because you want to have peace of mind, don’t you? You definitely would not want to spend four years of your life worrying about every mathematical subject that comes with each semester. You don’t want to have sleepless nights for sure. So make a smart decision and free yourself from all the mathematical worries in advance.

PS– I am NOT saying that CSE and IT branches DON’T have numerical subjects. It’s just that those subjects are considerably less in number as compared to mechanical, electronics and civil branches.

If you have made it to this point, that means Math is your thing. Great! At this point, you should keep in your mind, THREE branches which you can opt for anyone. Those are: Mechatronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication/Instrumentation Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I have mentioned these branches here because all of them have some parts of electronics in them.

I am now going to give you to the point answers as to why you should choose a particular branch. There will be certain terms in the points below which you might not understand at the very beginning. So it is highly recommended that you google those terms and get exactly what I want to say. Here we go:

  • You should choose Mechatronics Engineering because:
  1. You want to make a career in robotics.
  2. You want to make a career in automation.
  3. You want to make a career in Embedded Systems or IOT (Internet of Things).

Why? Because this branch will have the related course subjects that will help you make a career in the above mentioned fields. Also, there won’t be much that you have to study separately apart from your assigned courseware.

  • You should choose Electronics and Communication/Instrumentation Engineering because:
  1. You want to make a career in Communication/Instrumentation fields.
  2. You want to make a career in VLSI.
  3. You want to get into Analog/Digital Electronics Development.
  • You should choose Electrical and Electronics Engineering because:
  1. You are not sure whether to choose Electrical or Electronics as your major.
  2. You love transformers and Power Electronics.
  3. You are way too much into Mathematics and Physics.

Moving on to the last part of the article,DO NOT CHOOSE any of the above mentioned branches, if you are going to do ANY of the following things in your future:

  1. You will switch to a software developer job.
  2. You will apply to be in TCS, Wipro, HCL and other IT Industries.
  3. You would want to take your exams easy and relaxing and would not study seriously.

Because, these branches requires effort. If you are ready to put in that much effort and gain some real practical knowledge, dive into these branches right away!

Suhani Singh

ECE Engineer and Blogger

Roorkee, Uttarakhand

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