Be Ready For Hard Work

From a corporate life vision to a Successful Engineer

Naman Arora

As a young lad of 9th grade I was always fascinated by the corporate life and would curiously go and ask my dad (who is a businessperson), as to what it takes to get there. Every time I asked this question, he would change the topic by saying “Engineering”. Therefore, after my high school my fascination made me choose PCM. It was then; I had started to dream about becoming an engineer.

Lack of guidance and a proper approach as to how to go about the JEE exam I was not able to get into what they call the premier institutes (The IIT’s) of our country. Getting into a private college, the next big ask was to decide what stream in engineering to opt for. Trust me, choosing the stream is actually a tough call as this decides which engineer you are going to be 4 years down the line. After a lot of survey and counselling with the relatives in different industries, I chose computer science.

After attending counselling at different colleges, I got admission into Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat. Having no clue about programming, but still getting computer science on up-gradation was the moment I can never forget. I got into programming world in the very first year and fortunately, it started to make sense. I would highly recommend programming practice to all my juniors and fellow mates as this is precisely the base of your career, especially if you have opted Computer Science. You can either go for competitive coding on websites like hackerrank, codeacademy, etc. or practice general problems on websites like geeksforgeeks. The next important thing should be to strengthen your core computing subjects in college which includes operating systems, data structures, algorithms, database management and computer networks.

The college life is the best time they say, and I do not deny. You will always learn and enjoy with your friends so make as much as you can. I will say Studies are important but focus on learning rather than just to pass the exams and get the degree.

I started doing courses related to my field both online and offline on MOOC websites like Coursera and it really helps, so I would suggest you go for the courses that interest you in your free time.

Coming to my academics, I was a mediocre but was always ready to take on new challenges and had a goal to get into one of the better companies. I was among the few from my college who went for an industrial internship after the 2nd year, which was in Sify Technologies and worked on VoIP technology. The internship changed my perception of the real world industry and I soon realized that to get into a good corporate firm you have to think out of the box. Worked hard in the pre-final year and finally landed as an intern in Cisco Systems, Bangalore. There as an intern for a couple of months, I worked on the “Validation Tool for Virtual Machine requests”. Since Cisco does not come for campus placements in our college so the only way for me to get into Cisco after my graduation was through a pre-placement offer after my internship.

After my internship, I came back to college to complete for my final year of bachelors. I was happy with the work I did during my internship and so was the company and I finally received an offer as a Software Engineer.

This is my journey from being a guy who wasn’t offered computer science initially but with my dedication and diligence, I was able to get the placement in a company of my choice.

My final message to all the readers would be to stay focused and think out of the box and be innovative.

Naman Arora

Software Engineer

Cisco Systems, Bangalore

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