Blooming in All and All

Shashvat Jain

It is never easy to understand oneself. And maybe it is for the best to live in such dilemmas. My life has been no less that roller coasters ride. I did my schooling from Montfort Senior Secondary School Roorkee, a reputed Convent of the town. As a small town boy I was subject to a limited area of exposure but I ensured to make the most of it. It so happened that I developed a flare for Performing arts including Debating, Poetry, Singing, Dancing and Acting, apart from being good in academics.
As a CBSE science stream student, I too thought of pursuing Engineering as my career option. The only problem was that I didn’t think at all. As a matter of fact I didn’t see many options in front of me. I knew after a point of time that Engineering won’t be my cup of tea, not because it is bad but because I don’t see myself as an engineer.
And then, came the final test when I chose to opt for DU instead of IIT and thus all engineering colleges, even though I was eligible for some really worthy colleges. My family and other close people insisted me to go for the engineering thing. But I decided something else which implied, going against all of them.
I rather wanted to explore myself and be active in co-curricular. So I opted for the best option, University of Delhi. I worked really hard for my boards, scored 96% and got the best, Hindu College. My preparation involved a sincere approach towards studies and regular attendance in school which gradually gave shape to a day-to-day schedule.
I opted for Statistics as my major. Statistics as a subject is immense and has applications everywhere. One can opt for Actuarial science. Govt jobs in stats are available. Since it is a budding subject it has wide applications which are unknown to people. Every industry needs a statistician. Placements are sure-shot for statisticians.
I have not once repented on my decision. As of now I am doing what all I had dreamt of doing in my college life. I am a part of the most prestigious theatre societies of the Delhi University Theatre Circuit, Ibtida. I am practicing my oratory skills as a recognized speaker of my college. I am learning management for being the Admin in-charge of my society.
I have been getting opportunities to express myself in my creative and artistic forms by means of various organizations and start ups. I got to host, conduct and head events and thus got in touch with some respected and reputed people of the Industry and Corporate world as well.
All in all, I am loving, what I am living!

Shashvat Jain

pursuing Statistics (H) and Member, Ibtida

Hindu College, University of Delhi

Delhi NCR

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