Planet of Success

An amalgam of hard work and support


Aditi Mittal

Standing as the third interviewee for EY, one of the big fours, not of India, but world, I just recollected my journey: how I began as a kindergarten kid, growing to a yet older student of 6th standard or 8th maybe and gradually entering the final phase of schooling, class 12th and now here I am stepping afresh into the final year of my graduation, standing for an interview. I remembered all my lovely teachers in school who motivated me to be who I am today and also those in college who have been a further support and inspiration.

It all began when I chose to pursue commerce in class 11th. (Science was not my cup of tea. Moreover, it offers you ample opportunities to be successful in your career that choosing commerce did not push me into a situation of cognitive dissonance). It was a big decision, if I must say, at that point of time for the simple reason that my entire family was from a science background. But I was lucky enough that everyone, my parents and especially teachers, supported me to sail through this. Since then, I never looked back.

With an excellent and knowledgeable faculty teaching us our curriculum, I enjoyed my decision of choosing commerce and grew every day, learning something different from what I had already known and read till class 10th. In standard 12th, I was able to score well and got admission in Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi. The best part was that this score that I got was purely the result of my teachers’ mentoring and hard work. I never went running to a coaching since I gained a lot in school.

As a student of Honors of a college that itself is a heritage to look up to – the oldest women college – and a University so reputed, I got various chances to grow unboundedly. For those who aren’t very much familiar with “DU”, I must tell you that if you are a person with an endless passion to discover yourself, it is the place for you. But, it doesn’t call you, like a mother to lay your head in its lap; you literally have to EARN your place, here.

I attended some of the finest fests, participated in various competitions, volunteered in social work and much more than just studying. Academics was one thing, though, I never ignored because that was what brought me here.

Suddenly, the girl called my name. It was my turn to put forth the best in me. You would be glad to know that I got successfully placed in EY after clearing that interview…..the one which led to an entire thought process of how I began and where do I stand today….

I will be joining next year after I complete my graduation and I am sure that I will paid well (for those who are a bit more concerned about how much we can earn after all this). It feels so good to have a job in hand before you step out of this temple of learning.

Aditi Mittal

Pursuing B.Com (H) and Placed in EnY

Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi

Delhi NCR

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