Efforts do Pay You Back!

Unleashing your own Potential

Noel Singh Dias

I was born and bought up in a small town, I faced major adjustment issues not because of the environment around me but because of the upbringing I had. My family had a very different culture as to the place we lived in. The culture I knew of was through my grandparents and mother, which was very liberating and relatable to me and I could never settle in a new culture that was so opposite to the one I was accustomed to and had a feeling of suffocation through 18 years of  my life. In my school days, I was very active and took interest in extra-curricular activities and that was my only saving grace but on the personal front, life wasn’t as I had imagined it to be. 
With a lot of repressed memories due to family issues and personal problems, my school life gradually ended. With a lot of societal pressure to do Engineering I broke against the tide and took up ARTS even with all the criticisms from the uncles and aunties of my town. Further taking charge of my life I moved to the city of dreams – Mumbai, seeking admission in St. Xavier’s College.

That is when I started living, precisely I started being myself. I could relate to people finally and started living an independent life! But then, as my destiny had it, I lived a miserable 5 years in Mumbai even though with all the goodness I received. The hardships that I faced are like any other dramatic tale one may come across, perhaps with a darker side – my personal life was doing no good,
my academics went from bad to worse – yet again, I had hope because even through all those hardships, I grew.
Then I decided to move to Bangalore in order to pursue my love for Psychology and that is where I found my calling! At Christ University, my academics were great, life on the personal front was satisfactory, but the main reason behind it was the opportunities that were provided to me at the university. I was motivated to work harder because of the supportive faculty and the exceedingly
well results I got over time. I always had a knack of doing things differently but Christ University was that one place where this knack of doing things differently worked very well for him and
over time I received my due share for my dedicated hard work. I was outspoken and always had an opinion to give. I also worked for the benefit of my class and the department because I always had the gratitude towards the University for making me what I am.
Sooner my hard work and persistence was noticed and I was chosen to take the position of the President for the Psychology Association, a student led body in the Psychology Department. The encouragement that I received from my faculty and peers only made me more confident of my leadership skills and enthusiasm I had. As I continued to work for the benefit of the department, I realized that all my efforts, if monetized could lead to the beginning of something incredible. Either way I was still in college so there was
no loss in starting a small working group along with friends and so DaViNo happened!

DaViNo is the brain child of the three young entrepreneurs, co-founded by three students pursuing their Masters in Psychology (Human Resources Development Management) from Christ
University. These three value seeking individuals – Darryl D’Souza, Vineesha Chelani & Noel Singh Dias, who are passionate about helping people exploring in their inner self and cultivate a sense of belongingness with the environment at workplace.

Coming from different backgrounds, moving beyond the conventional ideas of coaching and mentoring, DaViNo blends the idea of companionship. Their passion for psychology is what brought
them together, and that’s what makes DaViNo special. They blend in the conventional HR activities with a personal psychological touch.

Students today have a lot of potential but are curbed in some way or the other. This sets an example of how students who are low on self-confidence, who don’t believe in themselves can also achieve wonders. To build on or to enhance their self-confidence, and to develop inner faith in them, such students should be given various opportunities to increase their potentials that are beyond the conventional Indian Education systems. Also, they should be given the autonomy to empower their dreams and aspirations. Autonomy would help them express themselves and not repress their creativity. Also, it would give them a platform to be self-sufficient, explore themselves, and be aware of their capabilities.

Noel Singh Dias

Co-Founder, DaViNo



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