The technical side of the Fashion World

Anshika Gambhir

Once Henry Ford quoted, “If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability”. Therefore, I always aim at learning new theories, sharing and constantly redefining myself by correcting and purifying my knowledge. For me money is a tool and not a driver!

I am Anshika Gambhir, born and bought up in a middle class family of Uttar Pradesh (India). It was challenging for me to get good convent education due to partially disconnected and remote location of my native place. Travelling three hours every day to the nearest city in Uttrakhand in quest of knowledge was a part of my school life. Despite of the hardships, I out performed and attained 9.40/10 CGPA in high school, followed by 90.40% in senior secondary exam (PCM).

I remember the time when my dad offered me a big box of nail colours if I had scored more than 85% in my senior secondary examinations, when at the same time my mom told the world that she saw a Fashion Designer in me.

So finally I made up my mind to sit for National Institute of Design examination after which I realised that I never had my hand in drawing. At the same time, my elder sister’s friend told me about the Fashion Technology course which had a relation more to technicality of the fashion industry. And, it was a day before my last 10+2 examination that I was selected for Bachelors of Fashion Technology (B.F.Tech) at National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad (2012: one of the most prestigious colleges of India.)

NIFT is known for its glamour but the world is unaware of the sleepless nights of the students working on endless assignments, presentations and juries! Studying in NIFT is a journey to become a confident, intellectual, creative and presentable human being indeed! B.F.Tech. offers you the whole world of Fashion and Textiles to try your hand in all possible verticals of design, IT, Technology, production, retail, HR, etc. It gives you opportunities to travel around the globe and learn fashion in different cultures

Being a scholar student at NIFT, I was selected to study a semester at ENSAIT (a prestigious textiles institute in Roubaix, France). Later, due to my inclination towards managing humans and working in garment production house, I ended up doing my graduation project at Decathlon Sports India (Production team.) This turned up amazingly as my project was awarded as “Most commercially viable project of the year”. And this is how my journey of four years ended with becoming a gold medallist!

Currently I am proudly working as a Production Leader in Quality, managing the outsourced production houses in Mysore (India) for Decathlon Sports Production team. And, I promise that you will soon wear the affordable garments of my own brand!

I wish I still have many difficult days ahead, so that, I can do what I am here for!

Anshika Gambhir
Production Leader Quality
Woven Production Team, Decathlon India


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