Be a Go Getter

If you want something, go and get it; anything less is an excuse.

Satrajit Sahani

Dear all, I honestly can’t thank this organisation enough for giving me a platform to share a part of my journey with you all. I distinctly remember that as a kid, I was one of the brightest in the class. Some of my teachers would even say to me that there’ll be too many options for me. Too bad that this actually turned out to be the case, and although back in school, this didn’t look so bad, but college and choosing a stream is a whole new ball game. And here I am, a graduate in BBA International Business, with a background in science going to appear for my Masters soon.

Did I know this turn of events all along? I wish! Choosing a stream and then a career is one of the most difficult and most important decisions anybody will ever make in their life. Yours, mine and everyone else’s clock is ticking, so no point in wasting it doing what you don’t want to continue. Rise above prejudice; hear less of other people are thinking. Listen to your own will and believe in your choices. Trust me, in life, this is the most valuable lesson you’ll ever learn.

Amity University, my alma mater, provided me with the perfect balance of studies and extracurricular activities that was needed. I applied for BBA in IB and after a series of tests, group discussion and personal interview; I was given my “green light”. One of the major attributes that they look for is your personality. College life is tough and amazing at the same time. It takes discipline to complete your personal targets along with your ‘societal’ expectations. A fine balance between the time you devote to self study and assignments is needed and I think the rest is a given. After finishing my degree, I had more than a few job offers from reputed organisations.

However I instead wanted to take the year off and polish my soft skills and explore a few other horizons. The point being, with hard  work and sincerity, I got up the ‘success’ ladder as I know you will too.

Be a go getter, if you want something, go and get it; anything less is an excuse.


Satrajit Sahani

A Renowned MUNer

NCR – India


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