Avoiding being a “Misfit”

Prathmesh Tripathi

Life is a journey where at each crossroad you are supposed to make decisions and these decisions give a totally different dimension to your life. India has a bizarre notion of whether a person is old enough to make decisions in life, for instance a child aged 16 has the right to opt stream of his choice but not allowed to elect the person who will be advocating policies of nation building at the legislature.

During my 10th standard I too was asked to make one such decision. My decision too, like many of my friends, was driven by a small proportion of my choice and a large portion of other’s advice. The thought of making in to an apex institute of engineering motivated us to work hard. Two years of ‘career shaping’ flew by; I appeared for various entrance tests. Later with results in hand I was supposed to choose our Alma matter. One such dilemma that I encountered was of choosing between either a college of my choice and a branch that I wanted to pursue. Fortunately enough I was able to find a college which fulfilled both my requirements. But the sad part of the story was that I happened to develop liking towards my branch only once I had spent a year, many still could not.

There persists a problem in the system, where the students are meant to choose between things, regarding which they do not have any knowledge. A child wanting to become an aerospace engineer opts for it, but lacks the required aptitude in physics and mathematics, has made a wrong choice because of inadequate knowledge about aerospace engineering .This gap, that exists between one’s aspirations and the choices he makes can be bridged by someone who would understand the dilemma, that a child undergoes during this crucial phase of life.

It is very important to realize one’s potential. A wrong career choice is as harmful to the society as to the individual, as he would no more be able to serve the society to the best of his abilities .Misfits in the society are just like faulty parts of a machine which will break down sooner or later.

Prathmesh Tripathi

Renowned MUNer and a Student of Civil Engineering

PEC Institute of Technology


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