Surbhi Khare

You know when you get struck with this realisation that ‘Woah! This is exactly what I want to do in life?’ Well, that never happened to me. I never really planned any of this , the college , the fashion , the work , the states , New York city , it all just happened . It sounds simple, but was it? Well, honestly a lot of hard work (and more dreaming!) went into it. It all started at NIFT, that is when Fashion came into the scene; my scene. While I was just dragging myself through college & its monotony, this shinning poster of an exchange to FIT caught my eyes, FIT NEW YORK CITY! That’s when I knew what I wanted, that feeling I missed out on earlier, struck me now & struck me hard.


So, I figured I wasn’t the only one applying, the competition was crazy. I had my ups & downs, there were times of doubts, there were times when I wanted to let go so bad but then that’s what they say ‘just when you are about to give up, that’s when you are the closest’ & this kept lingering my mind day & night. So I, stepped on it, worked, worked & worked, cribbed & cried, then worked again, compiled my best & turned it in with all my fingers crossed.

By now my friends were overloaded with my NYC excitement & I was now a restless blabber box. So as dramatic as this sounds, one fine day, I got a phone call from my mum, describing a packet that she received from FIT, NYC. ‘Fat packet’ she said. Of course I figured what that was, I understood I had bagged FIT & of course I squealed & then danced a little. SO

HERE I COME NYC. Turning down the excitement, to sum up; I think this is going to stay with me throughout my life because the kind of exposure, the learning, the entire experience was probably one of the crazier things that happened to me. It helped me advance my carrier, built me up for the better. New York City is the dream city for many fashion aspirants, so was for me and excuse me the quintessential line but; this really changed my life! To top that; the smile on my parents face & the realisation that I am the reason behind it, was the cherry on my cake.

Life is transient, but never stop working towards that goal you have in mind. Oh, & dream on!

Surbhi Khare

Fashion Institute of Technology

New York City


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