Childhood Teachings useful in Web

Mahesh Dhaka

I grew up in Devas, a small village in Rajasthan, the youngest of three children in my family. In many ways I grew up as an only child because my siblings were substantially older than me. My neighbourhood was very formative for me because I had to hang around with kids who were really different from me — kids who beat you up and kids who were smart and made me read books that I would have never read. It taught me to accept people, not judge them too much, and be patient with them. As far as entrepreneurship concerned, I think I was always into doing crazy things and causing a lot of trouble for many people.

My personality, since I was little, was basically that if I saw a boundary of any sort, I wanted to either break it or see how far I could push it. I was uncontrollably curious about different things and always running around to figure something out. So there was a lot of troublemaking. Things got better when I went to high school. There was an influx of new kids from another town, so I made some new friends, got involved with some of the clubs, took on a few leadership positions and began to blossom a bit more. There were a couple of things that really inspired me in those high school years. The idea behind WEB HOBS (WWW.WEBHOBS.COM) incubated into my mind during 2 nd year of my Engineering and the only thing between me and my dream was a BIG HOW? Throughout my life curiosity has been the main feature of my personal character. I always look for new challenges, new problems & their multidimensional answers. Keeping up an inquisitive and explorative attitude, I believe, learning process is always on. My keen interest and desire for learning enabled me to acquire significant knowledge on various aspects of the technology. I started from the very basic, taught myself HTML, CSS, .NET, Java Script, various server side technology and multiple other things that I thought was required for building the company. I paid extreme attentions to the subjects that I thought were useful for my operations and neglected the rest. WEB HOBS is the new age internet company that caters the ever increasing storage demands and provides web related services like Linux Shared Hosting, Windows Shared Hosting, Domain Name Services, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, SSL Certificates, IP Addresses, WHMCS and WHM. We strive hard to provide all of these services at extremely economical and affordable prices. We at WEB HOBS encourage new ideas and their implementation, therefore, we have introduced all new “Web Hosting For Business” which powers and starts your business with Web Hobs servers. We also believe in building good customer relationship and trust, which is why, our Customer Care team take extreme joy and pleasure to assist you 24 X 7 and today I am proud to say that has offices in USA, Belgium, China, Qatar and India. The lessons that I learnt in my childhood turned out to quite benefitting in running my own company, as I have to be very accepting of differences in people because I have a lot of programmers and designers and others who are odd characters. If you’re not tolerant of that oddness, you’re trying to form something into your idea of what things should be like. That’s a mistake. I’m very good at accepting those people on their own terms, bending them subtly to do things that I think are useful. Sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I fail. But I don’t let the failure to determine my fate. I work hard and I probably push the boundaries on everything.

Mahesh Dhaka

Entrepreneur and CEO



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