M.B.B.S. | An Inside out

A Short Interview with a Medical Student

Priyanka Kumar

Medical science is indeed considered no less than a miracle and pursuing studies in it requires immense hard work, patience and focus. Here we are with a M.B.B.S. student Ms. Priyanka Kumar who is pursuing her M.B.B.S. from Government Medical College Miraj, Maharashtra.

DRISHTIKON: Why and who(based upon interests) can choose Medical Stream?

PRIYANKA:   I think people have strong misconception that people who are good at mugging up should go in this profession, but I personally don’t think so. It’s a subject of total understanding. I think people who are interested in UNDERSTANDING human body should definitely go for it.Plus people who are willing to sacrifice a large part of their life for learning.

DRISHTIKON: Why did you choose M.B.B.S.?

PRIYANKA:   Honestly I was never good at maths . But that’s not the only reason. Some part in me always knew since may be I was in 6th or 7th that this is something I am interested in. But I decided in 11th n 12th that I want to do this. It’s something I find interesting and want to know about more and more…

DRISHTIKON: It is usually said, if you are from a Doctor background , you will be successful in the field. Is it really so?

PRIYANKA: In my family there are no doctors. I am going to be the first one. Had I believed in this I would never had chosen this as a career in the first place. I think it’s hard work and interest in a particular field and I think it’s valid for everything.

DRISHTIKON: Huge investment to get education in Private colleges?

PRIYANKA: I think this is not a field where you can just get a degree and get a job. You may be getting awesome marks every year but you may not turn out  to be a good doctor. Honestly speaking I don’t support pvt . Education in this field. You are going to work on someone’s body . These entrances also give you the opportunity of knowing what potentials you have…I would never get M.B.B.S. degree for about 50 lakhs.

DRISHTIKON: How to start prepare for the selection Process?

PRIYANKA: I think for all India exams the N.C.E.R.T. books are more than enough . Prepare after 10th standard for biology I would say stick to N.C.E.R.T. books  only and for physics and chemistry practice as many MCQs as you can . Pradeep and Arihant are good options.

DRISHTIKON: Anything you faced in the years, which could be motivating young aspirants in this field.

PRIYANKA: I think the whole experience till now has been quite amazing ..I cannot point out at one particular thing.

“Every accomplishment begins with decision to try” so don’t stop trying and be focused to achieve your goal and what you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.


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