An Interview with an IITian.

Abhishek T.

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is an all India common engineering entrance examination of objective pattern which is conducted for admission in various engineering colleges and courses all over the country. It is regarded internationally as one of the most challenging engineering admission tests.

Here we are with an lIT student Mr.Abhishek Thamman who is pursuing his B.Tech in Electrical engineering from Indian Institute Of Technology, BHU,Varanasi.

DRISHTIKON: When and how did you decide to study engineering? How did you start your preparation?

 ABHISHEK:  I decided to pursue engineering before my Class X board exams. My decision   was influenced by my love for Mathematics. Although my whole family is indulged in medical sciences, but there was no compulsion from my family to follow suit. Right after my Class X exam, I joined coaching and diligently followed the guidance of my mentors.

DRISHTIKON: Do you think coaching is necessary to crack JEE Advanced exam?

 ABHISHEK: For me, it was very necessary, as without the right guidance all aspirants are clueless about the right preparation strategy. They may not get through the right study materials and mock tests. Even if one opts to solve the test papers himself, getting them checked by mentors and following their feedback is very important.

DRISHTIKON: What do you think worked in your favor?

ABHISHEK: My decision to move to Chandigarh from Himachal was the turning point. This is where my preparation picked up and I found the ‘real’ competition. I was surrounded by very intelligent students as well as great faculty. This ensured that I was updated about my real position in the competition. However, this was purely my personal experience, and this may not be favourable for every student.

DRISHTIKON:  Do you think dropping a year for JEE Preparations helps?

ABHISHEK: This is okay for people who marginally miss the desired rank. In such cases,       there is a possibility that due to some unfavorable circumstances, the result was not as good as the candidate’s potential and hence he/she may want to give one more try. It doesn’t help students who are way off the JEE cut-off mark or were careless in class 11th and 12th and didn’t study at all in those two years.

DRISHTIKON: How to start prepare for the selection Process?

ABHISHEK: I would like to share that complete concentration and sincere dedication are required in order to secure a good rank in JEE Advanced. Any student, who is self-motivated to crack JEE Advanced, can achieve the goal of securing a seat in a prestigious IIT. Make notes of important points across subjects that aspirants think they would forget. Also, aspirants should not compare themselves with anyone. It adds on to the burden and creates unnecessary pressure.

DRISHTIKON: Anything you faced in the years, which could be motivating young aspirants in this field.

ABHISHEK: Never give up.TRY and try harder till you achieve your aim. Be focused and honest for your work. Nothing is impossible. Don’t worry about the failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.

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