A Note to An Engineering Aspirant!

By Aditya Mohan


In the past few years all have witnessed the stupendous increase in the number of engineering aspirants, only growing by huge rates, each year. The same is happening in the management field, notably for the degree of “MBA”.

Loads of People have shifted from conventionally preferred degrees like M.A, L.L.B. to more professional ones like B.Tech, especially computer oriented for bachelors. Possible reasons include gigantic increase in the demand of I.T. professionals owing to the outburst of opportunities and ventures in the IT industry, in India.  This trend is still continuing and is expected not to deteriorate by a speck, anytime soon.

Although this approach can nowhere be stated to be anywhere deflecting from providing a bright future, what this has done is the growth of various engineering institutions, more importantly not at par, anywhere with the level of education, the ambience, encouragement and opportunities they provide, when compared to premier institutions of the nation.

So what has this basically done? Let’s keep this simple. Every year millions of students graduate, a very few of them have the real skills and knowledge required by the industry, the others don’t know anything as the curriculum of their institution is either outdated or does not meet the industry requirements. Since they don’t know how to proceed, what to learn, how to implement what little they learn, they are not fit for any proper job in their domain. Since the entire population is like this, the potential employers don’t hire any of them, and thus unemployment takes a toll of them all.

So, where do these people go? Many go in for certified trainings in various coaching’s etc., get some skill in a programming language etc. and go out there, hunting for a job and settle for whatever they get. Others, switch to prepare for government services, as most of them require clearing an exam and then an interview. The remaining make attempts at starting their business with whatever resources they have available.

So, what should you, as an engineering aspirant, aim for?

Its simple. Keep in mind that you have to become an ‘engineer’ i.e. over the period of 4 years you must possess in depth knowledge of the concepts and functioning of various elements, in the sub domain of your interest. For example, you take up computer science, start to find your interest in it in various domains like programming in C++/JAVA, or Web development-front end or back end, designing(AutoCAD etc.), database management(oracle etc.),security and once you are doe finding it, work hard to know as much as you can, make more and more projects ,and most importantly, keep on searching and asking people in that industry what is going on in the real market and what is the trend of demand of technology you have interest in .Be it mechanical engineering, civil or anything – the last step is most important, as this is some real world stuff. Stay consistent and you would definitely stand off the crowd.

Best of luck and effort!!!

Aditya Mohan


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