Be the Odd one Out – A Plan for your Vacations!

An exclusive article for Business, Commerce and Management Aspirants by Aditya Mohan

HELLO everyone! What’s up? Holidays planned? No. Don’t worry!

Learning a new skill in your free time (i.e. during vacations) can and will always be beneficial for you to improve the quality of your skill set, and will always bone up your CV. So, if you are a BBA student or a student pursuing bachelors in any major and wish to pursue or learn more about business, management, marketing, analytics, then this is a thorough plan for you to tread on to utilise your summer holidays in the best way possible to develop new skills, contacts or hone up on older ones in dilapidated condition.

So, let’s divide your work-plan in the following categories of motivation- so as to why you want to learn something during your holidays, and will be descriptive on each accordingly.

You want to learn so that: –

 You can start preparing for MBA or Masters In Management(MIM)

 You can start a new business(online or offline)

 Learn because you want to In either of these cases, you will learn a lot and all the small skill sets you will acquire are interrelated in the above three cases.

Let’s hop in!

You can start preparing for MBA or Masters In Management(MIM)

If you ever dreamt of going to premier colleges or universities for pursuing your higher studies, be it an IIM or any good foreign university, then you might as well be aware that you have to bring in a good competitive score in order to get admitted, along with a great resume and profile. So if it’s about exams, then guidance in the form of coaching or self study is required and if profile building is to be focused on, then the other mentioned subtopics are to be followed on rigorously.

74f5a6d5a6e64730First of all, research in an exhaustive manner on how you should go about preparing for exams like GMAT and CAT. Read on Quora, go to websites like, read blogs and everything you can. Just find your “why” for giving these exams and going in the field of management, and also which should be preferred- CAT or GMAT. Finally, find an authentic training center for your preferred exam, and consult them to filter out any of the junk you have taken in from the internet. Plan out and start preparing!!

You can start a new business(online or offline)

This might sound extremely vague and pointless to give your age and time, but trust me – the best lessons are the ones life teaches us- here it’s all about learning by doing and failing. Now, if you think you can invest time and wish to learn more about business dealing, then you can –

Go for internships in marketing – digital or door to door. You will learn a lot on how to use technology and various other platforms to garner people & attention and consequently, will bring in more customers. As your tiny empire grows, start hiring interns, give them work to do, teach them how to commit to finish before deadlines, you might fail at this, but in this way, you will learn pure, unbiased form of human management and finances and trust me, nothing will teach you management better than this !

One more thing you can do is to get yourself engaged in a start-up. Work in it. Again you learn a lot about leading people, working in a group, finishing before deadlines, making contacts and what not. One thing to be focused on is to do exhaustive study in any subject related to management. Be it Economics, statistics or whatever. Search and go on charging.

And finally, some practical piece of advice. During your vacations, go out, talk to people, know more about what’s in the market, how successful people are working, get their personal insights. This will change your perspective for better and you will become a better manager.

You also need to work on improving your communication skills. This will help you in times of negotiation in future, tackling interviews and difficult to handle people and will increase your will power and self esteem.

So, overwhelmed by this humungous amount of work to be done? Don’t worry, remember, the more systematically and smartly you work, the more you learn. And after all, its management my friend, you will need all this.


Aditya Mohan
Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan

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