How to best utilize your vacations to prepare for armed forces .

By Aditya Mohan


Ok, so let’s straight come to the point. You probably are a defence services enthusiastor are dreaming of a career in the armed forces. That’s the most probable reason you are reading this article. So, you must be having some idea of how the exams go about specifically focusing on the one which you are preparing for. For instance, if you are in class 12 or have cleared it recently, then you might be aiming for NDA, if you are pursuing your graduation (under-graduation, as age limit is also to be considered) or have recently graduated, you might be buzzed about CDS, AFCAT etc. 

Whatever the case might be, you must have a basic overview of how to go about preparing for these exams, for which links have been provided at the end of the article. So let’s divide the content accordingly.


Ok, so you are out of school or college, dreaming of becoming an officer? Well as you must be aware, your exam attempt comes in September, so you technically have June and July to charge on.

Let’s start with the physical part. Since you have time in hand, you must establish a daily routine for exercising, more importantly, preparing for clearing the physical threshold they demand. So the routine must involve the following things:-

  • Set slots of days during which you must exercise.

  • The types of exercise, primarily including running, German drill and other similar ones

  • Also adhere by the time duration for each exercise.

  • Dedicated gaps between each exercise for reimbursements and better muscle memory development.

Remember that this period of exercise has to be rigorous enough by your personal standards to clear the minimum standards they demand i.e. you have to judge how much time you must devote to exercise, because the other elements of the week long SSB are equally important. Also remember that while exercising and studying, you must keep your motivation level high. So, summing up, sticking to a light routine will help you achieve the physical standards.

Coming to more important part of studying, remember that the key to cracking these sorts of exams includes:

  • Knowing the course thoroughly

  • Knowing the usual weight-age of various elements of the course (prefer consulting experts or experienced people for this one).

  • Dedicating time to work on more scoring and your weak topics of the syllabus.

Since you are having your holidays, go consult people on facebook, coaching centres or anyone who has authentic knowledge of the exam part. Scan the internet for informative and motivating blogs, articles, case studies and devise your game-plan accordingly. Go out, talk to people, and try to setup mock interview environment at home if joining a coaching is not possible. You know that SSB is far after the exam results are declared, but working for it beforehand is always a plus point. Engage in meaningful discussions on significant topics with your elders or any sincere person. Just try to devise your own strategies to clear each and every stage of the selection process.

Having said that, you will be achieve your goals, if you utilize your time in an efficient manner.

Refer to these links and Google search for more details. Happy learning !

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