Engineering in India!

By Aakash Luthra


Engineering is one of the most important sectors for the development of a society. With engineering comes innovation which makes a society progressive and sustainable. There are many reputed and prestigious private and government engineering colleges in India.
We see the best engineering college is based upon the most sought after and arguably the most important criteria, that is the median placement salaries. An average salary can be understood as the salary you will get in a batch of 101 students if 50 students get placed at higher packages than you and 50 get placed at lower packages than you. Sounds like a satisfactory deal. 😀
There are a lot of other parameters too. Trust me, they aren’t important for an undergraduate student. Everything else than the placements is secondary, e.g. in the NIRF Rankings median salary (GMS) has a net weightage of 5% while the research and publications weightage is a whopping 20%. The very first entry in the ranking above shows how good performance in other areas does not necessarily invite good placements and vice-versa.
Since every year, the trends preferably changes. The answer for best Engineering colleges in India too is targeted only towards the students who are going to take admission in various undergraduate courses this year. Ranking are stated by Ministry of Human Resource and Development,NIRF
(Source: )
Among the top 10 this year, there are eight IITs including IIT Bombay, Kharagpur, Delhi and Roorkee. The other non-IIT institutes among the top 10 are Anna University, Chennai and Jadavpur University Kolkata. Overall, we have
1. Indian Institute of Technology (Multiple Locations)
2. National Institute of Technology (NIT)
4. Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT)/ SRM
6. And few no. of other Private colleges is different states

Essentially, these Parameters are only useful for the Institute’s reputation but not for you. Choose your preferences wisely. Don’t go for a good Institute. Go for an Institute good for you.

2 thoughts on “Engineering in India!

  1. Nice message for the new students seeking a career in Engineering, but I believe that the author should have included “what factors the student should look for” rather than leave it for the student to discover “what is good for him”. Engineering is a profession that must contribute to social and economical development of the country and society, so any person who is wanting to solve the problems of the country must seek an institution where they teach you to identify, analyze and solve problems. However, the problem is no ranking or assessment of Institutions uses that as the basic criteria for listing the best Institutions. The major problem of Indian Engineering Education is that it is highly bookish and very little knowledge application in the curricula to solve the enormous problems that our country faces. My advice to the students who are wanting to take up engineering as a career shall be ‘to focus on learning analytics and using it to solve problems’. Take any problem that appeals to you and try solving it, that will set you up on the path of knowledge discovery and how that knowledge can make things happen from an idea to the product, process or technique. Seek the solutions using the skills of design and innovation for an optimal output that will benefit the society.

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