Feeling “failed” in something you tried ?Had to drop out of a course? No matter what, you must TREAD ON, as this writing by Shreeya Agrawal gives so many options to fall back to.


Failure has been a part of everybody’s life starting from childhood till before death. For example, when a child starts walking, he fails and falls down, but again he gets up and tries to walk again, he falls down again but he doesn’t give up, that’s only LIFE my dear friend. We all have had such kind of experiences, when we did not give up at that younger age and kept trying on, then why give up now?

As described by one of the most renowned person, FAIL stands for “FIRST ATTEMPT OF LEARNING” and END stands for “EFFORT NEVER DIES and this person is none other than our late President of India-Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Feeling sad is an obvious reaction after one is unable to achieve something for which one had put in efforts. But now let’s have a look at the other side of the coin you failed once so you know how it feels and you realise the fact that you should work hard again to avoid that feeling. Failing in +2 exams isn’t a big deal, you may have had some genuine reasons like health issues, family issues or the worst like you may not be having interest in your subjects which you had chosen due to family pressure, and many more.

See we can seek some positivity in every situation, “EVEN A BROKEN CLOCK IS RIGHT TWICE A DAY.” Now the choice is yours, you have to decide what you actually want to do whether you want to still pursue your study in the same subjects you had in +2 or you wish to follow your passions like photography, gymnastics, fashion designing, driving, cooking, artistic work, etc. One can take up any profession for earning his bread and butter. The only thing is, you need to stay positive.

Take this failure as it’s meant to be and think positive.

So this was some very motivational speech to at least lift you up the trauma. Coming to reality and being practical here is a list of few courses and diplomas you can take up.

#1. Continue 12th schooling through NIOS program:

If you had some genuine reasons for the failures and want to continue with the same field, then NIOS is the best option. NIOS stands for National Institute of Open Schooling. It has got some flexible schooling programs. Using such program, 12th failed students may continue their schooling and also appear for 12th board examinations. After all, clearing 12th standard is important. NIOS gives 12th failed students an excellent opportunity to achieve this feat. In that case, I would suggest you start studying for your 12th boards and complete the course as early as possible.

#2. Some good DIPLOMA Courses:

In case you are a 12th science failed student, you may use your 10th standard marks and certificate and get yourself enrolled in diploma courses. The various diploma courses are-

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Computer Engineering

These are some of the many diploma course that you can do. These courses can be done directly after 10th standard, depending on your marks. And since you failed in 12th class, you may submit your 10th standard’s mark-sheet and certificate to get into this course! Some courses also have entrance tests so you may as well prepare for that.

#3.Diploma in Marine field

There are different diploma courses within this field. Like- diploma in marine engineering (based on 10th standard marks), diploma in marine technology, other diploma courses like welder, wire man, sailor etc.

These courses have eligibility criteria of 10th pass. So, 12th failed students may easily apply for these courses and get accepted. The career opportunities that these courses offer is unparalleled. The salary will be good and the career adventurous!!

 But before you join any institute offering these courses, make sure that you do a good background check of it. Check whether the institute has been approved by the Government. Also check factors like- the quality of the faculty, the infrastructure and the facilities provided, whether they are following a recognized curriculum and syllabus etc. Join only after examining these things.

#4.Diploma in various computer courses

There are loads of computer courses to choose from- programming, graphics design, web designing, app development etc. There are many institutes that offers diploma courses on these subjects. Usually, these courses are 6 months to 1 year long. At the end, on the completion of the course, students are given a certificate. Good institutes also provide placement in good companies.

The advantage of these courses is that you may start your own business based on the skills you acquire! It is all about skills and making use of them. But as mentioned earlier as well before you join any institute to do the above mentioned courses, make sure that you go through the routine background checking process! It is necessary to select a ‘recognized’ institute.

#5.Computer hardware and networking courses

These courses are most preferred by 12th failed students. Many students are seen enrolling up for hardware and networking courses. Of course, there are some big institutes offering these kind of courses. The duration of the course varies between 1-2 years. In the end, students are awarded with a certificate. Depending on the institute, there are also chances of getting placement.

#6.Diploma courses in industrial courses

India’s industrial growth is taking place at a very fast pace. Just take a look at Gujarat, there are some many production industries in this state. So many new ones are formed each year.

With the increase in the number of industries, the demand of skilled workers is also on the rise. Skilled workers like- electricians, welders, fitters, fire and safety personnel etc. are in huge demand. And the good news is that there are many institutes that offers diploma course of these subjects. They offer hands on training and prepare you for taking up jobs in those industries.

Let me warn you again there are many institutes that offers courses like- fire and safety, electrician course, welding etc. Don’t be fooled that the career opportunity is limited and the pay will be low. Skilled workers are rewarded well! You may even go to gulf countries, where skilled workers are valued and paid well.

These are just few fields that were enlightened here, the world has much more to explore. These are only technical fields and other fields like driving, sketching, painting, photography, entrepreneurship and many more have their own scope. Life is too short to feel sad, focus on future that will make you happy. So suit yourself, figure out your mistakes, write down what you want and get your ass moving.

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