Our Vision

Our Vision is to “Inspire” the youth to Live there passion, to choose what they are made for and “Ignite” the spark amongst them and others to ‘Rise and Shine’ for their country and countrymen.

The idea or the motivation behind Drishtikon.org came from within, the zeal and the sense of responsibility to create awareness among the students and aspirants about various prospects of education and various upcoming career avenues and to break the notions, beliefs or the unconditional biasness towards certain fields of education that our Hippocratic society has developed and to enlighten the youth of our country to follow their dreams, their passion and not to graze the same field which has been over grazed through the decades.

We, not only share the experiences and views of our experts from all “legitimate” upcoming fields and career opportunities but also motivate our prospects to think “Out of the Box” and try to make an impact on the society by harnessing your skills and expertise to carve out a career worth aspiring for.